Since I'm not able to post pictures to another group's Facebook page, it seemed simpler to create a website for the pictures and link to this website. This website comes with a blog. 

I don't feature myself as a blogger, but I enjoy reading about the experiences other people have as they are creating something - what worked, what didn't, what did they discover along the way, tools that help, websites or other resources to seek out. So I thought I'd add to the body of knowledge. If nothing else, my mistakes can be avoided by others. 

I've only created one other blog, and I was surprised how much time it took to keep up-to-date. So I hope to be current with this one. If not, at least it can be a repository for what I'm working on. And knowing I need to put something on the blog might inspire me to finish some projects that just seem to keep hanging around.


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    I serve children in atria at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Weare, NH. I'm trained in all three levels and have discovered the joy of taking a training course a second time. I enjoy making materials and sometimes recruit other members of the family into the process. They have such good ideas!


    August 2013